Saving Samson Auditions


Service times are as follows: Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:30AM and 11:15AM (Incurrent)

Saving samson auditions

What: “Saving Samson” is an original musical written and directed by Angie Grigsby and portrayed through dance, drama, sign language and music by the Celebration Church Worship Arts and Worship Ministries.

When:Auditions:Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 5:30pm

Performances: May 1st through May 3rd, 2020

Where:Auditions and performances will be held in theCelebration Church Main Worship Center.

Auditions and Rehearsals: Males between the ages of 13-25 seeking a vocal or rap solo should bring a one minute prepared piece. Females between the ages of 8-25 who are seeking a dance or vocal solo should come with a one minute prepared piece. There will be a brief reading & choreography/dance session for all roles. Drama rehearsals will begin in mid-January and will include the following dates: March 7th, 28th, April 4th, 18th and 23rd at Celebration Church. Performances and dress rehearsals on April 25th through May 3rd are required. Participants do not have to be members of Celebration Church.

Description of “Saving Samson”:Fresh out of lock up and fresh out of options, a rebellious Warner Hughes is given one more chance by a merciful judge. Placed in the custody of Counselor Dan, Warner begins to tap into the secret of true strength, found in the Biblical account of Samson. As Warner takes steps on a new path, trying to avoid the addictions and anger in his past, he stumbles into a dance studio. He is encouraged by a young, hopeful woman, Carly, to be a leading man, a role he is not quite strong enough to play. Like Samson, Warner faces struggle and betrayal and eventually finds himself in a moment of decision, center stage, under tremendous pressure. Can he find the strength to push down his past mistakes? Will his trembling faith become sight? What will it take to save Samson?

Actors needed:

Warner/Samson: male, age 16-25. Dual Role. Warner is a 17 yr-old troubled teen who needs to exhibit anger, humor, and sensitivity. He plays Samson in the dramatic songs. Strong stage presence needed. Dance skill in hip hop and modern contemporary needed. Vocal ability and rap skills (at least willingness to learn) needed. Memorization skills required.

Counselor Dan Beckon: male, older 40+. Dan needs to bond with the audience and show firmness and humor, enthusiasm and expression. Memorization skills required. No dance or vocals needed.

Carly/Delilah: female, age 16-25. Dual Role. Carly is a teen girl who needs to exhibit sweetness and soft courage. She plays Delilah in the dramatic songs. Sultry quality needed. Dance skill in modern contemporary and ballet needed. Vocal ability needed.

Melanie: female, age 30+. She is the intimidating Director of the Dance Floor Studio and Carly’s controlling aunt. Over-the-top dramatic with some humor and cutting sarcasm. Vocals preferred and no dance, but she does need to flow with her steps and be flamboyant in her actions.

Philistine Rapper(s): preferably male, age 13+. Rap skills required. Hip Hop Dance skills ideal. Memorization skills required.

Tina/Woman of Timnah: female, age 16-25. Dual role. Dances as Woman of Timnah. Tina is sly, flirty, full-of-energy character who interacts with Warner. Ballet and modern dance skills and strong stage presence needed. Minimal lines.

Narrator: male or female, age 13+. Needs intense expression and memorization skills. Dance not required. The Narrator will transition the audience from modern scenes to Biblical drama scenes being rehearsed at the Dance Floor Studio and can be in other parts of the production as dancer/performer.

Officer Coder: male, age 18+. Dual Role. Needs intimidating and confident stage presence. No dance or vocals required. He can be in other parts of the production as dancer/performer.

Press Speakers: Tom is named and should be an adult looking male. Other press can be male or female. Lines are spoken at the end of the show. Press speakers can be in other parts of the production as dancers/performers.

Vocal Soloists: Students of the Dance Floor Studio who will perform solos during “Who Will Take The Lead” song. Ages 8 and up.

Dancers, Artists, Signers and Musicians needed: If you are interested in dancing, signing, playing or creating for “Saving Samson,” please fill out a Worship Arts registration form which is available at Celebration Church or online at Indicate which class you would like to enroll in for the spring semester which begins on Monday, January 6, 2020. Worship Arts classes that will be participating in “Saving Samson” will include ballet, contemporary dance, hip hop, painting, percussion, pre-dance, tap and worship flags. For questions, please contact Michelle at