Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:15AM & 11:00AM in Worship Center. Wednesday - Community Groups and Teaching in the Worship Center @ 6:30 pm.

Live It Up Bible Studies Women’s Events

Engaging. Encouraging. Equipping

Celebration Women provides opportunities for women to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ, other women, and the community. Through ministries and studies designed for your unique interests and needs, Celebration Women helps to connect women in ENGAGING ministries, ENCOURAGING their ongoing growth as disciples of Jesus Christ, while EQUIPPING all women to reflect the diversity within our church and its community. Celebration Women is looking to create multiple opportunities for moving ladies ever closer to Jesus.

Celebration Women reaches out into the community with the good news of Jesus Christ and the hope that only He gives. This ministry strives to connect the compassionate hearts of women to hurting people at home and in the Tri-Cities area. So, if you are new in your walk with God or a seasoned veteran, Celebration Women provides you with many opportunities in which to grow, learn and love. Whether you feel you have a particular ability or not, if you have a heart for service to others and a desire to grow closer to Him, we have a place for you!

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How can I grow?

From small group Bible Study, or our bi-monthly Live It Up! event, to larger regional conferences, Celebration Women engages women with opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal. Our prayer is that each lady will leave encouraged to deepen their walk with Jesus. Through these ministries and many more, Celebration Women strengthens friendships and families, and in turn, the church as a whole.

How can I serve?

Celebration Women encourages and equips women to discern their individual calling in the life of the church. Leaders envision the potential in every ministry for including more and more women in faith, fellowship, and service. The service to the church body includes the Wednesday Night Family Supper, the Celebration Café, the Thanksgiving meal, meals for those who have had surgery, etc.

Uniting the women of Celebration Church to impact their family and community is the heartbeat of our ministry, always endeavoring to faithfully follow God’s leading and realize the visions He gives is a large part of what we do.

How can I reach out?

Celebration Women provides entry points into the family of God. Through purposeful inclusion ministries designed uniquely for women, Women’s Ministries serves as a tool to grow and strengthen the church. Leaders, embracing the diversity within our church, are working on ways that intentionally bring women together. As women connect in meaningful and encouraging relationships, they find a home not only in the church family but ultimately in the family of God.


Email: leigh@cctri.org

Lend a Hand!

Celebration Women needs your help! As a constantly growing ministry, we always need enthusiastic and committed volunteers. Our special events (Live It Up, Conferences, Retreats, Wednesday Night Suppers, Celebration Cafe, Thanksgiving Dinner, and much more) involve lots of planning and behind-the-scenes teamwork. Or you might also consider becoming a women’s Community Group/Bible Study facilitator?

Interested in volunteering?

Email: leigh@cctri.org