Sunday Morning Service - 11:00am


Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:15AM & 11:00AM in Worship Center. Wednesday - Community Groups and Teaching in the Worship Center @ 6:30 pm.

 September 25, 2022

 11:00 AM

 429 Shipley Ferry Road Blountville, TN 37617

Join us in person for our 11:00am Sunday morning service! Click here to view Livestream.

Discussion Questions:

1) What is grace-filled conversation?

2) What are the reasons for the hope you personally have in Christ?

3) Is faith personally generated or God-given?

4) Why is faith iteslf beyond rational understanding?

5) Explain the mystery of the gospel of Jesus the Christ.

6) How do humans really become convinced of the truth of the gospel of Christ?

7) Are you convinced abut Jesus? Why or why not?