Gospel of Grace


Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:15AM & 11:00AM in Worship Center. Wednesday - Community Groups and Teaching in the Worship Center @ 6:30 pm.

Oct. 30, 2022

Gospel of Grace

Teaching by Jonathan Meo

October 29-30, 2022

Romans 1-11                            

1. Not Ashamed of the Real Gospel (Chapter 1)

  • Good news, power, transformation.

DQ1 – What is the gospel?  Can you articulate it easily? 


2. Dead in Sin (Chapters 2-3) 

  • Dire situation of humanity - 

    Suppress truth, futile thinking, idolatry.

    God’s judgment: dishonor

    God’s judgment: debased mind.  

    Filled with evil, callous toward God, approval 

             and encouragement of spreading evil. 

  • Two types of people.

  • The Divine Inception.

  • Humility, and the spark of salvation

DQ2 – Should we establish and uphold the law, or is it now

             useless?  (Romans 3:31)

3. A Path to Righteousness (Chapters 4-5) 

  • Abraham justified by faith in THE PROMISE of God -

Isaac the Child of Promise.

  • Grace > Faith > Justification > Peace with God > Grace (Divine Favor) > Hope in God’s Glory being ours (obtainable, as opp. to 3:23).

  • Hope in God satisfies us (does not disappoint).

The Ruling Abundance of Grace. 

DQ3 – What were the promises to Abraham? (Heb.11:8-

            -19, 6:11-20. 9:3-15) - to Christ? (Heb. 10:12-14, 19-

            23) – to a dying world? (Rom. 10:10-11, 13; Heb.

            10:36-39 [gospel]).

4. Next Supernatural Level Life (Chapters 6-8) 

  • Avoid the “infinite” upgrade (self-help). 

  • “Serenity NOW”. 

  • We must die to our “self” because our “self” is sin. 

  • Break the alabaster jar and let the oil flow out. 

  • Marriage and our new life Partner.

  • Living in the Spirit with no condemnation. 

DQ4 – How must a person stop being “married to sin” and  

             legally be able to be “married to Christ”? 

             (Rom. 7:3-6)

5. Assurance of Salvation (Chapters 9-11) 

  • God’s Purpose in Israel’s Rejection.

  • Pursuing righteousness by works instead of by faith. 

  • Gentiles welcomed as Israel is hardened.

  • God’s decisions for mercy and judgment and the Woven Tapestry of all Existence

  •  Wheat/tares, Pharaoh, Sodom, Jesus’ life and 


DQ5 – What is God’s “Inception” of the law to humanity?

             (Genesis 2:9)

DQ6 – Why should we not continue sinning that grace 

             may abound?

DQ7 –  Why shouldn’t Romans 9 be used as a proof-text

             for determination?

DQ8 –  At what cost did the gospel of salvation come to