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parenting classes

At Family Café, we offer seminars or talks on pressing issues from time to time, and parenting or marriage talks on Wednesday nights once a semester. These are announced throughout the year on the church's Facebook page, in the church newsletter, on our Family Café Facebook page and on the pre- and post-service slides over weekends. If you keep an eye on these, you'll be in the know on all family and marriage happenings.

In addition, we now offer a six session course called Evergreen Parenting Classes. The course is available to anyone in the church, and to the community around the church. The content is as relevant to parents with babies as to those with teens and grown children. Classes are repeated each quarter.

Evergreen Parenting Course:

  • Session 1: Adult Temperament: Explore your unique design
  • Session 2: Child Temperament: Explore your children's unique design and learn how to adapt your parenting to shape their character and to build a lasting and nurturing relationship
  • Session 3: Healthy Authority: Discover your natural authority style, 12 building blocks of authority
  • Session 4: Building blocks of Authority (continued), keys to regaining respect and ways to eliminate manipulation in your home.
  • Session 5: Compassionate Discipline: Learn 5 golden keys to discipline that shapes heart, head and hands by teaching skills and requiring more than outward compliance.
  • Session 6: Understand 8 types of misbehavior and how to respond to each. Develop a unique training plan for each child, with grace and reasonable consequences.

Please register here for this quarter's classes:

p.S. Some elements of this course have been featured on Focus on the Family and published in several parenting books. Feel free to have a look or a listen here and see more content on the Evergreen Parenting page as well as on their Facebook. All the course presenters are well-trained and able to give you wise and kind support.

We would welcome additional approved parenting resources and courses presented by family-minded leaders in Celebration Church. If you are a leader with a heart for families and a desire to equip others, let us know by email!

individual, couple or family counseling

Family counseling hours are free to all church members and available on request. Hettie Brittz does some counseling and also refers to other trusted team members and counselors.

Please book your session here. If you can't find a suitable time slot on the calendar, please email Hettie directly.