Undergirding and strengthening our nursery families in biblical principles as well as providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment for our children.


Tammy McFaddin

Nursery Coordinator

Tammy loves serving as the Nursery Coordinator for Celebration Church! She couldn't do it without her personable hubby, Tony, and the three fantastic day coordinators: Tiffiany Davis on Wednesdays, Stacia Moody on Saturdays, and Helen Sharp on Sundays! The nursery ministry would not function at all without all the excellent teachers and volunteers who serve in the nursery once every twelve weeks. Some love it so much they ask to volunteer more often!
The nursery ministry desires to be a place where God shines His unconditional love and perfect peace to all children, parents, volunteers, and even to those passing by. Even at young ages, children are trained through weekly chronological Bible lessons, coordinating crafts and games, and routine. God has given us a vision to be more than a ministry to our little ones, however, for we desire to encourage their families as well as our volunteers through personal mentoring, written materials, a communication network, life groups, and seminars. Our Abba Father has great things in store!
Besides being married to Tony since 1985, Tammy is the blessed mom of their four sons: Micah, Zachary, Seth, and Noah. The most precious relationship in her life, however, is the one she has had with Jesus Christ since 1970.
Tammy has been a home educator since 1993, which includes teaching writing classes to many homeschooled students over the years. While a former student of ETSU and Appalachian Bible College, Tammy's greatest education has been being a mom and life itself. She also enjoys: moderating several communication networks, writing a future novel and occasional articles, gardening, canning and freezing food for her family, cooking/baking, reading, working out at the YMCA, walking, hiking, and snow skiing. Her greatest desire is to obey God and to "love the Lord with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength . . . and her neighbor as herself."
Come join us in the Kingdom Kritters nursery ministry! It's the fun place to be! Tony will make sure you get the GOOD chocolate!

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