‘cuz all parents need their God time

“Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.” ~ Jesus

Celebration Church Kingdom Kritters Nursery Ministry is committed to undergirding and strengthening our nursery families in biblical principles as well as providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment for our children. It is never too early for children to learn that Jesus loves them. We celebrate that love and begin developing followers of Christ with even our youngest children.

Kingdom Kritters averages around 100 infants and toddlers each week for our three nursery classrooms. We offer classes with a teacher/volunteer combination system through age three for each worship service (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday). Our volunteer to child ratio is between 1:3 and 1:4 depending on the age group.

While in class, our children participate in center playtime, interactive music, Bible teaching, crafts and light snacks. In order to provide adequate supervision and security for our children we ask each of our parents to serve on our once per quarter volunteer rotations at the service of their choice.

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Children Learn Through Play

Because children learn through play, our two and three year old preschoolers use Hands On Bible Curriculum by Group Publishing. Our teacher-directed, child-centered activities focus on developing language, understanding, motor skills, social skills, and emotional well being from biblically based stories and principles.

Each class begins and ends with center free play with a Bible lesson, music, craft time, and snack time sandwiched in between. By planning activities that are developmentally appropriate and involve active learning with hands on experiences, we provide a fun atmosphere that encourages independence. The process — not the product of the activity — is where we place our emphasis.

Parents can easily reinforce and help the learning process by asking simple questions that relate to the day’s lesson and project taken home.

Parent Pager System

The Kingdom Kritters Nursery Ministry uses the Parent Pager Security System to protect and identify all children and their parents. Once entered into the system, parents and children can be matched at checkout time by our teachers and volunteers. This system also gives us the ability to page a parent during any service should the need arise. These vibrating pagers should be worn close to the body, on a belt, or in a pocket.

For safety and security, only designated adults will be able to check a child in or out of the nursery.

We Need Volunteers!

Because it takes over forty volunteers per week to keep our Kingdom Kritters Ministry running smoothly we ask each nursery family to invest themselves in this ministry. In addition, we have many other individuals without children who volunteer their time to minister to our children and their families. We strive to keep your involvement to a single quarterly rotation.

Kingdom Kritters has many wonderful ways that others can serve our children as well. Click here to view a detailed list of opportunities to volunteer!

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