Class Schedule & Tuition


Service times are as follows: Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:30AM and an Incurrent Service in the Gym 11:15AM

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Worship Arts classes are based upon monthly tuition. Payments are due on the last week of the preceding month. Listed in the chart are monthly costs PER family.

For example: If you have one child taking two 1-hour classes, your family total is 2 hours.  If you have two children each taking one 1-hour class, your family total is the same: 2 hours ($65/month).

Class Schedule

Below is our August 2020 - May 2021 weekly class schedule. We hope that you will join us this year as we dive deeper into the heart of God through creativity!

ES = Elementary School (1st-6th); MS = Middle School (7th-8th); HS = High School (9th-12th); Adult = 18 yrs & Up

* indicates at least 2 years of previous experience required - may require an assessment by teacher

** experience and skills assessment required by teacher before class enrollment is finalized/invitational


 ◊ 3:15-4:00   Pre-School Tumbling (3-5yrs) [Debbie Neilson]

 ◊ 4:00-4:45   Pre-Dance Movement (2-3yrs) [Jaime Harper] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 4:00-5:00   Sew & Serve (9yrs & Up) [Trina Jones] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 4:00-5:00   Tumbling 1/2 (ES/MS) [Debbie Neilson] 

 ◊ 5:00-6:00   Tumbling 1/2 (ES/MS) [Debbie Neilson]

 ◊ 5:00-6:00   Ballet 1 (ES/MS) [Jaime Harper] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 5:00-6:00   Ballet 2* (ES/MS) [Hannah Voudrie] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 5:00-6:00   Beginning Praise Band (9-15yrs) {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 6:00-7:00   Sign Language (MS/HS/Adult) [Kim Cox] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 6:00-7:00   Adult Tap (Adult) [Jamie Henson] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 6:00-7:00   Tumbling  3** {ES/MS/HS) [Debbie Neilson]

 ◊ 6:00-7:00   Hip Hop 2* (MS/HS/Adult) [Bethany Trinkle] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 6:10-6:55   Pre-Dance Movement (4-5yrs) [Jaime Harper] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 6:15-7:15   Fiddle Class (8yrs & Up) [Ben Ellis] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 7:00-8:00   Hip Hop 3** (Assessment Required) [Bethany Trinkle] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊  7:00-8:00  Ballet 3* (ES/MS/HS) [Taylor Royston] {Class Info Letter}


 ◊ 5:00-6:00    Acro Dance* (MS/HS/Adult) [Taylor Royston] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 6:00-7:00    Contemporary Dance8 (HS/Adult) [Taylor Royston] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊ 6:00-7:30    Photography (HS/Adult) [Allan Barnett] {Class Info Letter}

 ◊  7:15-8:15   Teacher Dance** (Invitational) [Taylor Royston]


◊ 4:00-5:00    Art (11-14yrs) [Ava Walker] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 4:00-5:00    Percussion Class(ES) [Abram Moore] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 4:00-5:00    Tap 1/2 (ES/MS/HS) [Abi Bell] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 4:00-5:00    Worship Flags (9yrs and up) [Jaime Harper] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 4:00-5:00    Hip Hop 1 (9-12yrs) {Class Info Letter}

◊ 4:10-4:55    Boys Dance (4-7yrs Boys) [Elisa Nanney] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 5:00-5:45    Pre-Dance Movement (4-5yrs) [Rhonda Reedy] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 5:00-6:00    Hip Hop 1 (6-9yrs) {Class Info Letter}

◊ 5:00-6:00    Art (7-10yrs) [Ava Walker] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 5:00-6:00    Ukulele Class(5-12ys) [Emma Perry] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 5:00-6:00    Tap 3** (Assessment Required) [Michelle Russell] {Class Info Letter}

◊ 5:00-6:00    Acting 101 (ES/MS/HS) [Abi Bell] {Class Info Letter}

Private Music Lessons:

◊ Banjo [Shane Leonard]

◊ Bass Guitar [Shane Leonard]

◊ Fiddle [Ben Ellis] {Info Letter}

◊ Guitar [Shane Leonard]

◊ Mandolin [Shane Leonard]

◊ Piano [Idalise Champion] {Class Info Letter}

◊ Piano [Mary Champion] {Class Info Letter}

◊ Ukulele [Shane Leonard]

◊ Voice [Peggy Oelberg]

◊ Voice [Marilyn Tagert] {Class Info Letter}