Celebration Theater


Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:15AM & 11:00AM in Worship Center. Wednesday - Community Groups and Teaching in the Worship Center @ 6:30 pm.
We are a new ministry at Celebration Church. Our mission is to spread the Love of Christ to the church and
community through theatrical productions.

This production is intended for audiences 10 years old and up.

Free admission for children 12 and under.


The Way of the Broken is an original musical which reaches into historical depths, combining Gospel testimonies with persecution pressures surrounding the early church, to shape a dramatic work of art. This intricate story illustrates familiar Biblical scenes, detailed with Bluegrass tones and vibrantly colored characters, including Martha and Mary of Bethany, Maggie (Mary Magdalene), Photini (woman at the well), a Potter in great debt, and other faithful servants. 

During his reign over Judea from 41 to 44 AD, Herod Agrippa I attempts to crush those who threaten the “peace” of the Roman Empire--the followers of “The Way,” led by James, Peter, John. Yet, after executing James for treason, Herod finds he cannot easily strike down and destroy the vessels marked by their Master. While the followers tread back through moments of cleansing waters with Jesus, and face the blasting, grievous winds of persecution, the Holy Spirit ignites a fire within them that no darkness can put out. As they pray and obey, the Master’s hand shapes and molds his vessels toward noble purposes, and with Angels as their guard, the faithful press on to follow 

The Way of the Broken. 

Interested in volunteering?

Send us an email! We are always looking for creative musicians, writers, actors, dancers, and new tech team members!

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Celebration Theater Administrator
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