Deeper Still


Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:15AM & 11:00AM in Worship Center. Wednesday - Community Groups and Teaching in the Worship Center @ 6:30 pm.

Deeper Still Central Appalachia is a Real Life Ministry of Celebration Church.  We provide free weekend healing retreats for men and women who have participated in an abortion.  We also provide training for those interested in becoming better equipped to serve as team members and more confidently minister to the post-abortion wounded hearts in their church, community, workplace, and family. 

Training sessions

Beginning January 18, 2023, Deeper Still Central Appalachia will host weekly two hour training sessions on Wednesday nights for six weeks (a total of 12 hours of training) at Celebration Church.  We will meet from 6:30-8:30pm.  This is the same content presented in the 2 day training workshop but just a different teaching format. The cost is $20 for a training manual.  Room location has not been finalized yet. 
You may register and pay for your training manual by clicking the link below; manuals will be distributed at our first gathering. 

  Register Here

More about Deeper Still

Dear Friend,

If you or someone you know has had an abortion, we hope this information will bring you new insights, understanding, and hope.

The effects of abortion cannot be fully calculated on the front end. Even though you may have read a list of symptoms and possible side effects of abortion or have even heard the testimony of someone who is living with the painful aftermath, it does not have the same emotional impact as when you experience these after-effects first hand. Regrettably, these realizations usually do not hit home until it’s too late.

When faced with difficult and frightening circumstances, we tend to look for what seems to be the quickest way out of our crisis. We can latch on to “false hope” and set our minds toward rationalizing a way of escape. However, when our minds are rationalizing, we often block our emotions from getting involved. This emotional disconnect results in a coping mechanism of denial. We then determine that we will employ this denial for the rest of our lives if that is what it takes to live with our decision. We eventually discover that denial only serves to disconnect us from a deeper reality that is going on inside of our soul.

If you struggle with a past abortion and do not know where to begin with unpacking all that has been buried, we invite you to consider some new perspectives that you may not have been open to before. We want to encourage you to give thought to how a past abortion has affected your life, your relationship with Jesus and others, and your identity. We want you to know that Jesus Christ longs to restore and redeem your abortion wounds.  We want you to know that you have brothers and sisters in Christ who can relate to where you are and desire to come alongside in your pain and help lift the shackles of shame off of you. If you would like to take the next steps to healing and lasting freedom, or if you would like to learn more about ministering to those with abortion wounded hearts please contact us and come to a retreat and/or training event.

Today could be the start of a healing journey for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have through  All inquiries are kept confidential.