Saturday Night Service - 6:30pm


Saturday 6:30PM, Sunday 9:15AM & 11:00AM in Worship Center. Wednesday - Community Groups and Teaching in the Worship Center @ 6:30 pm.

October 16, 2021

6:30 PM

429 Shipley Ferry Road Blountville, TN 37617

Join us in person or online at 6:30pm for Saturday night Worship. Click here to view Livestream @ 6:30pm. View on Facebook or YouTube.


1) Why is laziness (slothfulness) a temptation to human beings?

2) Identify many different ways in which God calls us to be responsible even though He promises to provide for us (see Matthew 6:28-34.)

3)  What is stewardship?  What are different areas in life where God entrusts stewardship to us?

4)  Define financial contentment.

5)  Are you financially content?  Why or why not?

6)  Why is generosity essential to financial peace of mind?

7)  What does your level of generosity indicate about your faith?